By donating to Say Yes, you can help make an impact.
The Say Yes Children's Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping needy families by recycling old home improvement products like windows and siding.

Welcome to Say Yes!

Why just recycle, when you can recycle AND help your community?

The Say Yes Children's Foundation is a unique non-profit organization that is dedicated to recycling old home improvement products, including vinyl windows, vinyl siding, glass, and wood and vinyl doors.

The great thing about this charity is that all of the proceeds from recycling these materials goes directly to children and families in need!

Energy One

The idea to recycle old home products came from Energy One - the parent company of Say Yes - who offers high-quality, energy efficient replacement windows and siding. Energy One saw an opportunity to take their energy efficiency philosophy even further. As installers of home improvement products, disposal of the old windows, doors, and siding is a large portion of the installation process. By recycling these materials and giving the profits to charity, they give back not only to the community, but also the environment.